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Information for abstract authors

Guidelines for the abstract preparation

  1. Abstracts must contain original data and meet international ethical standards. By submitting an abstract, you confirm that the content of the abstract is free from plagiarism, and that you agree to have your abstract submitted to a plagiarism detection software programme, if needed.
  2. A maximum of three abstracts may be submitted by the same presenting author.
  3. The abstract’s title must begin with a capital letter and be followed by lowercase letters. Use capital and lower-case letters as appropriate for abbreviations in title (e.g. mRNA).
  4. Trade names should not be mentioned in the title. However, trade names in brackets willbe accepted in the body of the text.
  5. References (maximum of 2) can be included in the body of the text (e.g. Jones, R.A. et al. Science 1986; 67:24-30).
  6. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility.
  7. Abbreviations should be defined.
  8. Avoid a sweeping or potentially unwarranted final sentence.
  9. Copyright, Copyright, if this abstract is accepted, will be held by the author or employer (as part of the conditions of the author(s)’s employment).

The maximum length of an abstract body is 1710 characters including spaces and the maximum length of the abstract title is 100 characters with spaces.

Please, indicate to which group category pertains your abstract:

  • Basic or translational research.
  • Computational sciences or digital tools.
  • Clinical domain, healthcare or health policy.

The EASyM Congress Programme Committee reserves the right to change the category of submission in order to achieve a well-balanced scientific programme.

Notice of selection
Abstracts will be accepted for abstracts sessions, with the EASYM Congress Programme Committee reserving the right to allocate abstracts to either: poster discussion or  thematic poster. Notice of selection, scheduled format and time of presentation will be given by email as of October 20th.


Submission Period:

Online Abstracts Submission open: 28th Jun to 15th Oct.
Notifications: 20th Oct.
E-poster Submission: 21st Oct to 1st Nov.

In order to access the online abstract submission platform, please choose one of the following options regarding this web platform: